React Native, Day 5, Understanding Props

Hello guys, hope you are doing good. Before starting with props, It is suggested to have a look at previous tutorials listed below:

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In this tutorial we are going to talk about properties. I will use the fancy term props  😎

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  • Conceptually, components are like JavaScript functions and property/props are parameters to these functions.
  • we can customize components bases on parameters/props/properties.
  • We can assign different properties to different instances of a component. Basically we can use different instances of a component with different props.

Simplest layman examples can be like:

  • Water is a component then color is property/props.
  • Your home is a component and wall paint is property.
  • Access properties value using
  • You can set property value this way:

  • Lets look at below app.js file’s code:


Let’s closely look at the code:

Parent component is App

Child component is HelloApp

We are passing property from parent component “App” to child component “HelloApp”

Here we have a component called HelloApp and we wanted to render it and pass user’s name to it as name prop/property.

To do so we would need to use JSX notation <HelloApp name="Alok" />, where name is a prop name and Alok wrapped in single quotes is a value.

You can also use any JavaScript expression wrapped in curly brackets {}. For instance, <HelloApp name={'Amit'} />.

Or you can use single quotes like <HelloApp name='Rahul' />.

we will use to access name prop value passed from the parent component in render function.

Multiple props

Yes it’s very easy. Look at the below code:

In the above code i have used hobby as property, so simple isn’t it.




Happy coding!!! 🙂

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