React Native – Environment Set Up Using Home Brew And Creating A App

Install Atom

The Text Editor.

Install ESLint

The error checker.

Install Xcode

The native development environment, also make sure to install command line tools.

Install Homebrew

Used to install Node (Node is used to provide a runtime environment for javascript )

Install Node/NPM

Node is used to provide a runtime environment for javascript

Install Watchman

React Native uses watchman to detect when you’ve made code changes and then automatically build and push the update your device without you needing to manually refresh it. is the home page for thewatchman used by React Native.

Install React Native CLI

React Native Command Line Interface. To generate new React Native Projects.

Let’s see in detail

Installing Atom Text Editor And Configuring it with ESLint

Atom is a free and open-source text and source code editor for macOSLinux, and Microsoft Windows with support for plug-ins written in Node.js, and embedded Git Control, developed by GitHub. Atom is a desktop application built using web technologies.

Atom can be downloaded from here.

ESLint is a linter &  Linting is the process of running a program that will analyse code for potential errors. By setting up Linting with ESlist in Atom it will be very helpful to development and fix errors quickly.

Xcode can be Installed from here.

Homebrew can be installed from here.

After successful Homebrew install, install node using below command-

After successful node installation, install watchman using below command-

Finally install React Native Command Line Interface using below command-

That’s It our setup is done 😛

Let’s create a new project named “MyAlbums”, using below command-

After successful installation of project it should look like this:

Press command – R to run this project and see the output in simulator. Yeah we did it.

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