Interview Questions | Bluetooth | Bluetooth low energy | Discovering Peripherals | Swift

Some interview question related to bluetooth low energy:

You can get some answers from ble basics and discovering a peripheral through central


  1. What is classic bluetooth
  2. What is BLE 4.0
  3. Classic bluetooth vs ble
  4. What is service
  5. What is characteristics
  6. Service vs characteristics
  7. What is GATT
  8. What is GAP
  9. What is advertising
  10. What is scanning
  11. Who is responsible for scanning
  12. Who is responsible for advertasing


  1. How to init central manager
  2. How to init peripheral manager
  3. What are delegates of peripheral and central
  4. How to create a service
  5. How to create a characteristics
  6. How to add service to peripheral
  7. How to read value from characteristics
  8. How to write on characteristics
  9. How to connect to peripheral
  10. How to discover peripheral
  11. How to use CBrequest
  12. What is CBUUID
  13. What is CBCharacteristicProperties
  14. What is CBAttributePermissions
  15. How to filter service
  16. How to filter characteristics