React – Native – Day 8 – Basic stuff with view, text and safe area

I am using mac for creating react native project. You will learn some basic stuff on react native like basic user interface buttons, text inputs and view.

Launch Terminal and type:

react-native init BasicStuffs

Paste below code in index.js:

Here is the output:

Issue found:

hello world is hiding behind safe area.


Use SafeAreaView – We will wrap our Text in SafeAreaView.



and change JSX as below:

Complete code:



Let’s say I want the text color to be red:

Let’s Create Style like this:

Let’s use it as below code snippet:


Let’s play with views, buttons and input texts:


I am learning flex and will share you guys soon in next tutorials:)

Thanks & Regards,

Alok Upadhyay.

Skype : alok.upadhyay32

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